Key Books on Trauma

Books that help with trauma, understanding trauma, it’s effects on the body and how we respond to it even after the trauma has passed.

Aside from reading these books, I can’t recommend enough getting therapy from a trauma informed therapist. In case you’re wondering, not all theorists are trauma informed. Quite odd, I know…. Make sure your therapists views align with yours. Before intake you’re allowed to ask questions, too. Yes, you are the one seeking help, but nothing sucks more that finally making the effort to work on yourself and getting a shitty therapist. Look them up, google them, ask them questions that are important to you. These things matter!

Below are a list of books I found helpful on my own journey to healing and understanding. It is a never ending process but I’m a forever student.

The Body Keeps the Score

When the Body Says No

Lifting Heavy Things

Becoming Safetly Embodied

In An Unspoken Voice

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