Top ten new parent must haves!!

I have been wanting to make this list for a while now and since a good friend of mine is pregnant, I have no better time than now. So, let’s get right into it.

1.) Sound machine. I’ve tried a few and none beat Marpac Rohm. It’s tiny, portable and rechargeable. We use it all night long. In order to use it all night, we do have to keep it plugged into the charger but it literally stays in our sons room. We use it for naps and all night. You can easily bring it with you on walks, doctors visits etc.. This is a must have!

2.) Stroller! I have a couple recommendations. First, I loved having the Snap n’ Go universal car seat stroller. This makes it easy to move baby from infant car seat to stroller without moving them around too much. Also, if baby is sleeping it’s a fairly smooth transition. It also folds down very small and fits in most cars. My car is tiny and I can fit this plus another one in there.

If you’re looking for something as a set- car seat, base, stroller, I’d recommend the BabyTrend Jogger travel system. Especially if you like to walk or maybe jog a lot. It’s SUPER easy to maneuver and have PLENTY of variations for this type. I linked the first one I found just to show you but they have many colors styles. I absolutely loved this set. It glides like a dream, is super affordable and easy to fold and also fits in my tiny car.

If you have any stroller questions let me know in the comments! I have many recommendations based on budget.

3.) Swaddle blankets! I’ve tried many a Swaddle blankets and I have to say that the Copper Pearl Swaddle blankets are the best. They are a bit on the pricey side and I don’t like recommending expensive things but these are a must have. You need AT LEAST 2. One to wash and one to use. 4 is ideal but I’m considering budget here. They are $24.99 each but worth it. They’re stretchy and so easy to Swaddle in. They are comfy af!! Just make sure you follow the washing instructions! They are a swaddling dream. Total game changer once we had one.

4.) Teething toys! By far my favorite teething toys for a teething baby are Gummy Chic. They’re cute, trendy, safe and mom owned. Can’t beat that?! I have a discount code you can use: SHABANACHIC15 to get 15% off if you choose to buy from her website. Worth it! Cute, stylish and helpful during those teething times from Hell.

5.) Sleep Sack! Once baby starts wiggling his or her way out of the Swaddle, you will want to transition to a sleep sack of some sort. Blankets, bumpers, pillows aren’t safe in the bed. So, make sure baby is safe with a wearable sleep suit. We loved our Bebeaulait Muslin bedtime Sleeper. Jonah still uses his. We probably will get the next size up soon which is 12-24 months. Keeps him safe, comfy and not too hot. Love love! Lots of prints to choose from. Again, just google it for more options.

6.) Gripe Water! MUST HAVE! I should have put this at the top! Especially for those nights where you can’t calm baby…. this helped us so much. It helps calm baby’s belly. I’ve even used it on myself. Newborns have a lot of digestive upset issues and this makes it go away for the most part. We used it every night for 5 months. Our favorite was Mommy Bliss night time gripe water. Stock up, buy stock… get it all! Not kidding.

7.) If you’re planning on breast feeding or pumping or both then you’re going to want a high quality breast pump. I would recommend Spectra S1. Its excellent quality, easy to use and gets a lot more milk out that other pumps. It’s worth the money or if you insurance covers it, then get this one. Find it Here. I pumped exclusively with Khloe for 13 months with a Medela and it was ok! I did 3 months for Jonah and this one is my favorite. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments!

8.) Bottles! If you are planning to bottle feed in any fashion I would highly recommend Dr.Browns natural flow bottles. It helps with gas and bubbles in the funny. They’re quite a pain in the ass to wash but worth it. Get these. You’ll need at least 12.

9.) The Love to Dream Swaddle up. This should go before the sleep sack but after the Swaddle maybe? Idk. You choose. This helped us transition from the Swaddle to sleep sack. Please look into this before buying it but we absolutely couldn’t have sleep trained without it! There are different sizes so pay attention to that when buying. We used a small and medium. I bought some stuff second hand. If you want to save money!

10.) If you are formula feeding I would highly recommend the Dr. Browns Formula dispenser. It is amazing and my favorite thing I use every day. Pre measure the amount you need per slot then easily dispense it into the bottle after you’ve added water: easy to take with you and make a quick bottle on the go.

I have a lot more to recommend but I’ll leave you with these for now!!

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