Postpartum Mom hair 

Before I had my daughter my hair was pretty awesome. It wasn’t thick but it wasn’t too thin. It was long and curly without effort. 

Me in Paris

When I became pregnant I was excited for pregnancy hair! Yay! More hair, long and thick! Can it stay? I made sure to read about pregnancy hair, what happens to the hair follicle and why we have more of it as well as why it falls out after you have the baby. 
Baby shower pic! Curled hair with curling iron.

Fast forward to 15 month postpartum when my hair finally started to fall out. Not only was it falling out but it was also losing its curl. WHAT? Straight hair? Ugh. I always liked my hair. It was versatile. I could straighten it if I wanted to or leave it curly.  

Most recently I had to cut my hair to the shortest I’ve had it since I was about 8 years old. My hair was super dry and needing a decent size trim. I tried everything to keep it healthy. 

Right after my cut

So I had it cut. I love it… however, I am not use to short straight hair. Straight hair is hard to fake your hair being done. With my curly hair I could throw it in a bun and it looked cute. *sigh* the joys of motherhood. What our bodies endure for these little people….

That brings me to this

TIGI Bed Head Wave Artisit. It’s amazing. It gives me the volume I am missing and it’s super easy and fast to use. 

I got mine at Walmart for $24.99. It’s totally worth the price. I crimp my hair and it just makes styling so much easier for me. I would highly recommend this hair tool!! 
What’s your go to mom hair style? What are your go to hair products? 


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