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❄️Shabana’s Favorite Things❄️

I am no Oprah and I’m not sure anyone really cares about what my favorite things are but I’m gonna tell ya anyway! You’re welcome 😉.

1.) My very first favorite thing is a new item I was just gifted last week. It is from my friends at Warmies. They have a bunch of plush items that are able to be warmed in the microwave for 90 seconds. We received some of the plush toy Warmies last Fall and the kids just love them. This Fall, Warmies sent me a bunch of things for me. My most favorite is the Warming Plus Body slippers. I have wanted warming slippers for a very long time and just never got myself any. These are also on Oprah’s Favorite things list. For me, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I have constantly cold feet. Sometimes the only way for me to get them warm is to put a heating pad on them. With these slippers, I just put them in the microwave for 90 seconds and I’m set for a while with comfy, warm feet. These retail for $24.99 and come in a variety of colors. These have very quickly become an absolute necessity for Winter!

2.) Mom hair. It’s usually up in a “mom bun”, pony tail or hat but if I have 5 extra minutes, I’ll use my Bed Head Wave Artist. I’ve written about this on my blog before but it’s still one of my go-to styling tools. I once had curly hair, once upon a time before children stole my beautiful curls. So, this helps add fun, pretty volume to my otherwise, limp hair. It brought back some hair confidence for me. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to change up their hair vibes this season. This retails for $17.49. I bought mine at Walmart.

3.) Number 3 should be tied with my number one but let’s spread it out a little. It is Babe Lash Essentials Serum. This magic potion takes your short, stumpy lashes and turns them in to longer, luscious lashes. I absolutely love this stuff. I bought my first Essentials serum last Fall and within 4 weeks saw results. I am obsessed- OBSESSED! I wish I had taken a before photo but if you follow me on IG you know I talk about this stuff often. I have since been sent some other items if there’s to try out but this is still my number one!! A 2ML tube retails at $59.99 but if you use this code: LASHLOVE20, you can save 20% off your order. I do not get paid for anyone ordering and I 100% stand behind this product.

4.) My 4th favorite things go hand in hand with the Essentials Serum. It is the Enhancing Lash Conditioner. I use this in the morning before makeup. This is to help keep your lashes moisturized. You don’t need this with the Essentials serum but I would recommend it, just to keep your lashes in top shape. This retails for $45 but you can use the previous code above to save yourself 20% off as well.

5.) Number 5 is a tradition I started a few years ago before my son was born. It’s a tradition many family’s have and that I adopted as well. It’s getting new matching Christmas Pajamas for the whole family.

I have always shopped at Old Navy for them. They’re super affordable when they have their 50% off sale and usually have matching for everyone. You have to go early in the season or you’ll be left with slim pickings.

This year I went with the buffalo check print. We decorated our tree with buffalo check so it was a must! I found matching fleece footie pajamas for the kids and matching flannel pants for my husband and I.

The men’s pants have pockets, so if you prefer pockets, choose from the men’s section. They cost about $2 extra but for pockets it might be worth it to some. These all retail at various prices and like I said, shop the sale. Otherwise they’re too expensive, in my opinion.

6.) My last favorite thing is the Old Navy Cozy Socks. These are some soft socks, y’all! They’re also SUPER warm and fun. They come in a bunch of prints. Of course I had to get the “mom” and “dad” pair for my husband and I. I was able to cash in on their $1 sock deal. I placed my order online and picked up in store. I believe these retail for $3.50 each but again, shop those sales. These would make an awesome stocking stuffer!

That’s it for now. I have a lot of favorite things, honestly but this is the pick of the season. I hope you enjoyed! Which one are you going to get? Comment and subscribe ❄️

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