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Fasten Dance Leotard Review

If you have a little one in dance class then you’re going to want to check this out. How many times has your tiny dancer said that she needed to potty right after you finished getting her dressed in her leotard, stockings and dance shoes. Ugh! You know that basically means undressing your child completely or maybe you haven’t undressed your child fast enough and had an accident. I’ve been there. It stinks. Not only do you hopefully have a change of clothes but you’ve also just soaked the dance shoes. Dang it!

Well, I’m happy to show you that there is an awesome solution for the bathroom worries. This sweet little dance leotard, by Fasten, has a patented design with hidden magnets and snaps to get you in and out of those potty breaks a lot faster and without a giant disaster. You no longer need to remove all layers to take a potty break. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why no one thought of this sooner. Co-founders Jill and Alexis of Fasten came up with this marvelous idea and I’m so greatful.

The front of the leotard has 3 magnets that are encased in plastic and then sewn into the fabric and 2 side snaps; one on each hip. If you were like me, you may be wondering where the crotch piece goes when your little one is using the potty? Well, they thought of that, too. There is a conveniently placed magnet on the back of the leotard that allows the suit to hold up out of the way so your little one doesn’t have to worry about dragging it or accidentally dipping it in the toilet! How awesome is this? Pretty awesome! This feature is for sizes 2T and up. This leotard and their swimwear is SPF 50+ as well.

For proper care of the leotard it is suggested that you hand wash it in mild detergent and cold water then hang dry. Their website has free shipping over $50, hassle free returns and you’ll be supporting a mom owned company.

This leotard cost $34 and comes in pink and black, as shown. Sizes start at 2T. The website is We absolutely LOVE our Fssten leotard and thank them for saving our potty breaks and dance class time. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

* I received this leotard free in exchange for my honest review. All words are my own and based on my own honest opinion.

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