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Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor bag review

Doc McStuffins is a Disney show for kids. It is about a little girl who is a stuffed animal doctor. Her animals come to life with her magicam Stethoscope. Sometimes the animals come down with an illness that Doc then diagnosis and treats. She makes the toys feel better and function again. It’s a super cute show that’s fun for kids but teaches them about caring for other things and taking care of people.

My daughter LOVES this show. She would walk around with things pretending it was a stethoscope to check my heart beat and give me a diagnosis. That’s when I decided to look for a Doc McStuffins Care Set. It didn’t take much searching and I found one on Amazon.

This set comes with:

• a doctor bag

• syringe

• otoscope

• thermometer

• Doc ID badge

• 2 sticker pads (not pictured because they have been used) ha ha shocker!

• and of course the magical stethoscope that has sound and lights up just like in the show.

The stethoscope comes with 3 AG13 batteries already inside. So, no need to buy batteries but be aware that you will need to replace them at some point. Everything fits into the Doc bag so don’t worry about finding places for all the tiny pieces. Everything fits nicely in that bag.

Once my daughter got her set she was SO excited. Now she could “fix” and “heal” her stuffed animal friends. Her favorite, though, is pretending to make me feel better. She likes to check my heart beat and give me a “nosis”. Then she tells me I will feel better soon. She is too smart. Now she wants the lab coat and Doc headband, too. So, we may have to track those down soon as well.

This is is a wonderful toy for your Doc McStuffins loving child. It is a must have, honestly, if they’re obsessed with the show like my little one is. I found this cute set on Amazon for $18.88. It is eligible for free shipping and is always free shipping with Prime. I thought it was a great deal for how much stuff you get.

This toy is not recimmeded for children under under the age of 3 due to small pieces and choking hazards.

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