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Bliss Bag Diaper Bag backpack review

Diaper bags!! Oh, how I love a good functional bag. When I first became pregnant I set out to find the most stylish bag I could, not knowing of all the various brands out there. I didn’t really think about functionality or having to carry his thing around with me everywhere I went. My first diaper bag, although very fashion forward, was HUGE, not functional and just a piece of giant luggage I was hauling around. I’ve gone through several smaller bags since then but none have been like this Bliss Bag diaper bag backpack.

First of all, being hands free is the best thing ever. Especially when you go to places like the zoo or for a walk and need to bring your diaper bag with you, a back pack is the way to go. I own several back packs but I have to say that none are as comfortable as this one. The back is padded and so are the straps. The straps don’t rub my under arm at all, unlike some of the other backpacks I have.

The features! Boy does this bag come packed with features:

• Built in stroller straps. This was an awesome thing that I loved right off the bat. I didn’t have to purchase after market accessories to make this bag work with my stroller or shopping cart, they come attached right to the top with a nice strap and secure buckle. Yes!

• It is WATERPROOF. Say what? Yes! Bliss bag is made with a waterproof nylon material and polyester liner. The water literally rolls off the fabric of the outside of the bag. SWEET!

• STORAGE! Most moms I know like a well organized diaper bag with plenty of easy to reach pockets. Well, this bag has that covered. This bag has a total of 20 pockets. Yes 20! These pockets include 4 insulated pockets- 3 on the inside and one outside pocket with full zip. Another favorite feature of mine is the outside wipes pocket with magnet button. I don’t know about you but I always hated fumbling for my wipes while in a bathroom while changing the baby. This bag makes it so it’s right there ready to use. I currently have my WiPouch case in that spot and it fits perfectly. You can even fit a laptop in the large compartment pocket. So, this bag will stay with you even when the kids are grown.

• A matching change pad comes with the diaper in the back pocket.

• Style! This bag is sleek, functional and and NOT a typical “Mom bag”. You’ll be toting your necessities in style and like I said, you can use this even after babies are grown. I also LOVE the chunky zippers on this bag. It makes it easy to zip and pull while looking fashionable. The lovely heather gray color is complimentary to any style, really.

Final thoughts: I love this bag. I am planning on doing a packing video sometime after the baby is born so I can show you how I pack for a newborn and 3 year old. For the price, you cannot beat it. It’s a wonderful company and I highly recommend them. This would make an awesome baby shower gift that won’t break the bank!

Where to get it:

This wonderful bag can be found on Amazon for $49.99. A super functional, stylish diaper bag for under $75!!! Ummm, you cannot beat it, really. I have several other high end bags, that I love, but none were this affordable and functional all at once.

Warranty: This bag also comes with a lifetime warranty. Your bag rips or breaks? They’ll replace it. What other bag has a lifetime warranty? A year maybe?! What a deal.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram: @blissbagbrand

* I received this bag free in exchange for my honest review. All words are my own.

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