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Baby number 2 and some other stuff….

Well, If you don’t follow me on FB or IG, surprise, I’m pregnant. I am currently 14.5 weeks pregnant with our second baby. We do not know the sex yet. I haven’t been feeling all too great but now that the second trimester has come around, I’m beginning to feel a bit better.

* this picture was taken with bribes of chocolate.

The first trimester:

The first 6 weeks of my pregnancy were fine. I was doing all the things I usually do. I was working out, eating keto but mostly low carb, energy was fine. Then, BAM! Week seven came and it came with a whole bunch of BS no one wants. It was a Sunday night at around midnight I woke up with some abdominal pain. I went to the bathroom to see if maybe I just ate some bad food. Nope. Came back to bed. The pain was getting worse and worse. I woke my husband up to tell him this pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before in my life. We went back and forth on if we should go to the ER.

After trying to move, trying to eat some tums and talking to my sister, my husband convinced me to go to the ER. So, in the middle of the night he packed my daughter and myself up in the car and headed to the ER. I’ve never been to the ER. By the time we got to the hospital doors the pain had gotten even worse.

What was happening?

I was scared. I explained my pain to the nurse as he escorted me to a room. My stomach looked like I had swallowed a basket ball. I looked at least 7 months pregnant and it hurt to even have the elastic on my pants around my belly. Once in the room they did all the vitals, asked the questions and the doctor came in. I waited and waited and after some time of sitting in pain, they brought in the UltraSound machine. The doctor said he wanted to look for gallstones.

🤦🏽‍♀️ Great, perfect, cool… gallstones.

Almost as soon as he touched my skin with the wand the stones were there. Geez, how long have I had stones. Why do I have them? Ugh.

The doctor explained that sometimes the body can’t process fats properly so it creates stones in the gallbladder due to build up, hormone issues and various other things. Contrary to popular belief, gallstones are not just caused by a shitty diet. Many other health conditions can contribute to this. One being thyroid function. As you know, I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid causing it to under produce hormones. Vital hormones like ones that help your body process and digest food. Hmmmm, great. Yet another awesome thing thing about my poor thyroid.

Moving on…..

doctor has the nurse come in with morphine for my pain. I’ve never had morphine before but I’m literally willing to do ANYTHING to make this pain go away. I’d rather give birth 10 times than feel that again. The Morphine is almost instant and I immediately throw up. Cool 😑. The morphine takes a SLIGHT edge off the pain but it’s still awful and unbearable. I tell the nurse and it takes them FOREVER to bring something else. Look, I’m not stupid, I know how the ER works, in some respect. I know I wasn’t dying and there were probably people there with a lot more sever issues than me, but when you’re in pain you really DGAF about any of it. Nurse brings me Tylenol 😂🤣. Cool I’ll take it but 😑. I threw up again, probably still from the morphine and I’m certain the Tylenol came with it. I wait and wait, pain still awful. Nurse then brings me Percocet. I take it and lie down. I’m so exhausted. It takes a while for the Percocet to make it through my body but it does, eventually and now I’m high af 🤦🏽‍♀️ but at least I’m not in pain. The doctor comes in to explain my condition, what types of things I need to avoid and tells me he called the surgeon to see if they wanted to do surgery to remove the cranky gallbladder. He said the surgeon probably will not do it because I’m only 7 weeks pregnant but he wanted to be sure. Eventually the call comes back and the surgeon says no, that unless I get an infection, no surgery would be happening in the first trimester. Cool. They send me home with a prescription for Percocet in case I have one of these attacks again. God, please no; but I did. I had 2 more in the coming weeks that were just as awful but I stayed home those times and took the pain meds, drank ACV and cried.


The next day I had an OB appointment. We proceeded with the usual blood draw and exam. Everything looked great. The following day I get a call from my OB telling me my thyroid hormone was 21!!! 21? I’ve never seen my number that high in my life. It’s suppose to be between a 1-2 and 3 at most. I ask them to retest me. Still at 19. Aghhhh what a mess! This is when the exhaustion and nausea (morning sickness all day) started. They prescribed me a higher dose of Levothyroxine. Anyone who knows anything about hormone meds knows it takes a while for your body to adjust and thus began my 7 weeks of exhaustion thanks to my thyroid. Not only is the first trimester of pregnancy hard on its own but add in gallbladder attacks (3), thyroid that’s off and all day morning sickness and you have a recipe for- I don’t want to get out of bed, wake me when it’s over-ITIS!

Good God, I suffered through December and most of January. Yay! We made it to the second trimester 😅🤮🤰🏽😩😭😤🤬

Gallbladder attacks are no joke and I might touch on them a bit more in the future but for now everything seems to be going well. The gallbladder hasn’t been cranky, my thyroid is doing well and yes the two do go hand in hand. Thyroid under control = happier body all around.

I’ll end this blog entry here. I’ll add more in the coming days and weeks since I’ve finally started feeling good. If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram: Fiercelivingmomma . I post almost daily to my account and daily to my stories! Follow my pregnancy and Guidance Guide Reviews 🤰🏽

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