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Wipouch Essentials Set in Monochrome Bears- Review 

Keeping wipes from drying out is not easy. I’ve tried a cheap case I found at the dollar store, a plastic baggie and just bringing the whole package of wipes with us in the diaper bag which is definitely not a space saver. 

Well, Wipouch is the solution I wish I had found long before now. The Wipouch Essentials Set comes with the Wipouch30 and Wipouch60. Both can be brought along with your diaper bag but if you’re like me and only carry the essentials then the Wipouch30 is the one you’ll want to tote around in your diaper bag. It’s super small at 8 inches by 5 inches, carries about 30 regular wipes. It has an easy access side zipper so you can put the wipes in without having to wiggle or jam them in but it also comes with a flip top lid so you can simply grab them when needed and flip the lid closed. It also comes with a strap with clasp so you can hang it from anywhere like your stroller. It’s super easy to use. I love it because it’s small and easily slips out of my diaper bag. No shoving or cramming. 

The Wipouch60 I leave at home on the changing table or pack if we are leaving the house for more than a day or two. It is also 8 inches by 5 inches but when filled it stands about 2 inches thick. It also comes with a super easy side zipper to refill easily and a convenient flip top to dispense, too. With its super cute design you won’t mind leaving it out on the changing table. No need to hide the ugly wipes bag anymore like I use to. 

The print I have pictures is called Monochrome Bears. It features cute bears and tepees. I love both of those things. There are several other prints to choose from. 

Wipouch is BPA, Phthalate, lead and PVC free material and can be found on This set costs about $25 US. Vienna does ship worldwide from Australia. Each box of Wipouch comes with 2 inspirational cards to cut out inside.

I was lucky enough to win her September comment/like contest that she has on her Instagram account, @cestpetitevienna. If you’re the highest comment and liker for that particular month then you win a set of your choice. It took me about 3 months to get enough comments and likes in to win but it’s so worth it. Her pictures are quite adorable, too. 
I do highly recommend these to all parents. It is for sure a must have and a great gift idea for new parents to be. 

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