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Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash 

Parents!!! If you haven’t seen the Tubby Todd bath products then you need to find them on Instagram right now and follow them (@tubbytodd). I first started following them because I saw a friend post about it. I began scrolling through their page and realized this was definitely a company I was going to want to support. 

First, their products are 100% all natural, plant based and 100% natural fragrances. So, no need to worry about that extra added garbage you see in other kid bath products. 

Second, they are vegan, soy, dairy, gluten and BPA free. I don’t know how many times I’ve come across gluten or soy in products and I have to return them because I didn’t read the ingredients list well enough. Never fear, Tubby Todd is here to save the day! You’ll never have to worry about those things with them. Hallelujah! 

Third, they’re cruelty free. Like 100% cruelty free. How many companies have I read about recently that are cruelty free in the U.S.  but not over seas. Not ok. Recently I’ve been taking note about what companies are cruelty free because I’d like to eventually switch to all products cruelty free in my home. It’s honestly the right thing to do. 

Fourth, the company was created by a real mom who has kids with sensitive skin and she was sick of buying product after product that didn’t work or would irritate the skin. She decided to make her own. Her name is Andrea Faulkner Williams. She gets on Instagram live sometimes and is super down to Earth.  Most recently she introduced their Fall line of bath products. They look amazing. I want them all; go check them out. 

Last thing I’d like to say before I get to my own experience with the product is that they do have a worry free guarantee;  if you’re not satisfied you can return the opened bottle for a refund. So rest assured you won’t be wasting your money. 

My Experience:

**Most of you know I am a brand ambassador for the new up and coming parent website Guidance Guide. It’s going to be THE go to place for all things baby and kids for parents to find TRUSTED reviews written by real parents. I have reached “gold status” is several categories and with that I’m allowed to reach out to brands and ask for product in exchange for an honest review. Super awesome and fun!! 

I reached out to Tubby Todd via Instagram. I was met very warmly and was told they’d be happy to send me something. Just a few days later I received our Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash. I was so excited. My husband told me a package had arrived and I knew what it was. 

Upon first look the bottle is super cute with the moose face. The bottle is simple and clean and the look is very much what the brand represents, clean, simple, fun. 

I was super excited to try it out, so off to bath land Khloe and I went. The smell is light and not over powering. This particular product is Lavender and Rosemary. I usually don’t like rosemary but this is super light and mixed with the lavender is very calming and soothing. The soap lathers very nicely and is easy to spread through the hair. You don’t need very much, a little goes a long way so I think this bottle will last a while. The soap was easy to rinse out and as I was brushing her hair the scent was still super light and calming. I think it’s love. 💗

If you’re interested in their products or just want to check them out the link is here. I think all parents need at LEAST one Tubby Todd product for bath time. I promise you won’t regret it. I love small company’s and especially women/mom owned company’s. This is definitely one to stand behind! 

Follow them on Instagram: @tubbytodd

Follow me on Instagram: @fiercelivingmomma 

* I was given this product free in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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