Parenting Joys and Struggles

This is why I can’t make mom friends…. my awful experience in trying. 

Today I decided to take Khloe on a trolley ride at the Children’s Museum. It stops running September 4th and I’ve been wanting to do it all Summer. So, we get ready and head down there; super excited to do this. 

 We get our ticket, get on the trolley and take it down the track. It’s last stop is REI and I’ve actually been wanting to go in there and look around so we got off there and went inside. Khloe loves stairs so we took the stairs to the top where the kids area was. I had no idea there was a slide and play area inside. There were several parents sitting around so I sat on a bench where another woman was sitting. I always mind my own business. I hate small talk and I want all my attention to be on Khloe because I’m paranoid. 

After a while the mom sitting next to me starts talking to me and asking basic questions that, I guess, mom’s ask?! It was killing me but I thought I would go with it and talk to her. 

She asks me how many kids I have and if I plan on having another. Red flag number one: you don’t ask strangers if they’re going to have another kid. Honestly you don’t know if they’re trying, if it’s a sore subject or if they’re having fertility problems. It’s a no-no unless you’re close to the person or at the very least a friend. We talked about that and then she asked if I was a stay at home mom. I said that was and that I work weekends and my husband works week days. She immediately said, “Oh, so you never see each other?”. I said that we don’t see each other often but that we do make time when we can and that we have some plans in the future to make the situation different. She pryed a little more and asked if it was ideal. Ummm, of course it isn’t but it’s what we do for now. 🙄 Also, what’s it to you? (I didn’t say that because, again, trying to be nice).

Feeling like the conversation was one sided, I asked her how many kids she had and what she did for work. She pointed at a child and said that she took care of her a few day a week. Red flag number 2- she’s not a mom, damnit. Ok, fine whatever I’ll keep talking cause I don’t want to be a giant B. She then said that she’s being mentored by a multi-million dollar couple so that she doesn’t have to work… she wants to stay home and raise her kids without worryingly jtnabout money 🙄. She said she wants money to work for her and her not work for it. Red flag number 3. Say what? Cool cool…. cool cool cool cool. 🤔🤔🤔 Sounds like an MLM or scam to me. 

Feeling super awkward, like I do when I don’t know someone and they keep trying to talk to me, I decided it was time to go. I told Khloe she could go down the slide one more time and we are leaving.  

Before I got up from the bench she asked if we could have coffee sometime. I’m pretty sure the expression on my face said it all which was “oh god are you kidding me, I don’t even meet up with friends for coffee!” UGH!! Like an idiot I said sure and proceeded to give her my number. This is not like me. Normally I would have said not interested but I really didn’t want to be a B.  I gave it to her and then I grabbed Khloe and left. 
Of course, shortly after that I got a text from her. It confirmed my suspicions which was that she was trying to get me to sign up for SOMETHING. Some program or some MLM. Honey, no thanks. 
Here is the text I got:

😞 when someone is too friendly and you have red flags pop up, listen to them. I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt… isn’t this how friends are made in the mom world? I don’t know? Honestly I don’t care to find out anymore either. Doing just fine, thanks. 
I am not the kind of person who falls for MLM’s (multi level marketing). I never have and never will. I’m not a sales person and it’s also not the type of business I want to work for. If I’m going to invest that much into a business it’s going to be my own and I’m not eating my time “having coffee” with someone I don’t know or want to know. 

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