Keto Cinnamon Muffin Donut Thing…. 

@fatforweightloss on Instagram posted an amazing photo of his keto cinnamon donuts. I was drooling. I have given up most dairy but sometimes I give in. His recipe is NOT dairy free. Here is the direct link to his recipe. Follow him on Instagram! He has great recipes. I need to try his keto bread recipe next.   

I tweaked the recipe for my tastes a little. Where it says cinnamon or nutmeg, I put pumpkin spice instead. I know, I know… I’m as basic as it gets but the temps have been Fall like this week and it has me in the spirit, so deal. I also used Stevia in the Raw instead of the sweetener he has in the recipe. 

I didn’t have a donut pan, though after this recipe I kinda want one. He does give a suggestion on how to get the donut shape without one but I decided to just use a muffin pan and just have pumpkin spice muffins and see what happened.

I made sure I had all the ingredients before I started. I don’t know how many times I’ve started a recipe just to discover I’m missing one ingredient. Annoying. 

I love this mixer. If you don’t have a standing Kitchenaide mixer, you need to get one. They’re so fun to use and they’re pretty, too.

I mixed all the ingredients as suggested and cooked them for 15 mins. I did put them in for 10 at first but they were watery. 

Once I took them out this is what they looked like. I did spray the pan with coconut non stick spray but it didn’t work well.

I warmed the oil to fry and I think I turned it up too high. I know coconut oil has a lower temp burning point so I would suggest testing it at medium to medium high heat first.

I pulled them out of the oil and into the pumpkin spice/Stevia mix. I didn’t have the sweetener suggested in his recipe. I had this:

This is what we always use for our keto baking and it is just fine for us. You may need to add about a quarter more if you like things sweeter. 

Pumpkin spice/ Stevia topping mix. 

This is what I came put with. They do taste good. Almost like a pancake muffin thing. If I were to do it again I’d leave them in the oil on a lower temp for sure. 

Give them a try. They do not take long at all. Maybe 40 mins start to finish. 

If you try them out let me know how you like them! Let @fatforweightloss know how you like them!! 
Follow me on Instagram @dancemau5 and follow my health journey! 

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