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Concealer and powder review 

I recently came across a video raving about Coty Airspun loose face powder. The person said it was just as good as Laura Mercier powder. Now, if you know anything about makeup, you know that the Laura Mercier powder is about $38 and comes highly recommended and has high reviews. I, being on a mom budget, cannot afford $38 at the moment so I was intrigued when this person suggested Airspun. 

Airspun can be found at Walgreens, Walmart, Target…. drug store. I found mine at Walmart and it was about $5.50. Ok, ok, I’ll try it. It’s cheap and if I hate it, I can return it. 

Guys….. I LOVE THIS POWDER. At first I wasn’t sure about it because it does have a very strong scent to it. It does wear off after a few hours and honestly it’s tolerable. I loved how it created a matte finish with my makeup and worked amazingly as a setting powder for my under eye to prevent creasing. LOVE LOVE! Go get you some! Also, I’m pretty sure my Grandma uses this. Grandma knows what’s up. I don’t use the puff that comes with it. I apply my powder with a beauty blender- picture below. Love this blender and it can be found at Walmart for around $5.

As I’ve written in a previous post I love the Maybelline master conceal. If you haven’t read that yet then what are you waiting for? Anyway, this is still my go to concealer for a few months now. It pairs PERFECTLY with the Airspun powder, under my eyes. I have no complaints thus far. 

As for the Kat Von D Lock-it concealer…. I tried, guys. I wanted to love it but I don’t. I tried it with the Airspun and I tried it with the Kat Von D Light and Shade pallet and it was still a no. It did not stand up well. It creased and was kinda chunky on my face. NOT a good look. I got it as a sample in color medium which pairs well with my skin tone but that’s about it. I love other make up products but Kat Von D but this is a no and I’m glad I didn’t buy it. 

Kat on top and Maybelline on bottom

What’s your favorite got to concealer and powder? Leave a comment below!! 

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