May have been a rough month for my keto life. Starting at the end of April we had something going on every weekend and I did not stay on track. I indulged in many carbs… Mother’s Day and then my birthday yesterday…. more carbs. 

At the end of April I had lost 3 pounds. Since then I have gained back 2 and probably more since I haven’t weighed since Saturday. 

My plan is to get right back on track tomorrow. (well, today but I’m lying in bed because I can’t sleep- currently at a hotel.) I can’t blame anyone. It myself in regards to these gains so I’m excited to get back on track, for the most part. I am NOT excited about overcoming those carb cravings that come once you start back on keto 😩🙄🎂… give me all the cake. 

Speaking of cake, my husband made a low carb keto friendly cake for my birthday!!

Recipe can be found here. It was amazing. He left out the whey protein powder for mine, though. I had several pieces- don’t care. 

May isn’t a complete loss. During the week I was pretty strict, got my activity and workouts in. I even managed to pound out a 5k last week on the fly. Haven’t done that in a long while and felt pretty awesome afterwards. I’m hoping to build up more stamina.

 Does anyone have a recommendation on a treadmill? I need one…. maybe? I don’t know. I fear if I have one then I won’t use it but I’m not that kind of person. Everyone just always says they buy workout equipment and then it sits 😕🤷🏽‍♀️👊🏽. 

I’ve had a pretty awesome birthday this year. More pictures on my Instagram. A giant thank you to my husband for being pretty freaking awesome and planning some awesome things for my birthday. I’ve really enjoyed myself these past few days. 

I decided to do a little sale in my headband shop on Etsy. Here is the link to my shop. I haven’t done a whole lot with it in a while and I’ve felt bad about that. I’m hoping to revamp a few things, take new pictures and advertise a little more. I enjoy doing it so why not?

Here are some pictures that I really liked for the month of May. 

Mom, sister and I took an Arabic cooking class taught by Arabic moms! We really had a great time learning a little bit about the culture and food. I would highly encourage you to get out there and learn about other cultures!! You don’t have to travel to learn about others. 

Chop that parsley….

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