Product and Services Reviews

Influenster Charm Box Box 

Please don’t mind the less than artistic picture! I was super excited to get all my free items!!

If you don’t know what Influenster is then let me break it down for you. You crest a profile and then you wrote a bunch of reviews about things. You then get emailed a survey to see if you fit a voxbox and then you either get picked for it or you don’t. If you so, then they ship you out items for review. They have tasks that you have to do and you get Points for doing them. All items are free and complimentary in exchange for your honest review. 

Hi, I like free products and I love writing reviews! They have an app also so it’s super easy to create a profile and review items. I love it. This is my 3rd box and this one was my fave! 

My favorite items from this box was the hair care items! Although they weren’t anything I would ever buy, I did enjoy testing them out. My least favorite was the taco seasoning. Yuck! So gross! Also, if you need a packet of seasoning for your tacos then you’re doing it wrong. Mix your own spices!!! Stop being so white 🤣😂!! 

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