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Smarty Pants Vitamins 

When we first started looking for Vitamins for Khloe I knew I didn’t want to just give her a garbage vitamin like the ones we all took as kids. I wanted non-GMO, no synthetic colors, gluten and soy free! 

While at Target I found Smarty Pants Vitamins. Not only are they all of the above but they are a lot more. Take a look at the nutrition label. 

Hello eco-friendly sustainable fisheries 😍 LOVE! Not only do they cover all of my must have they cover so much more. Look at all those “free of” items.

Khloe LOVES her Smarty Pants Vit’s. She gets one in the morning and one before she brushes her teeth at night. She asks for them. I’ve tried her Vitamins and they’re delicious. 

Once I trusted the brand I contacted the company and asked if we could be brand ambassardors. I submitted my information and although I don’t believe I have a large enough audience to be a BA, they did sent me a bottle of their Women’s Complete vitamin. How nice of them! 

They taste amazing and they do not upset my stomach like most multi Vitamins. 

I take them in the morning with my other supplements. It’s honestly a treat. Who doesn’t love gummies? 

Although these are a higher price point; you get what you pay for. You don’t have to worry about all the excess stuff they pack in Vitamins. This is straight up and tastes great, too. I just recently caught the 20% and 30% off at Target on their Cartwheel app. Don’t forget your coupons, guys!! 

I know that they also have a prenatal vitamin which I would be interested in trying when the time comes! Here is the link to their website. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram as well! 

Here are the nutritional facts for the Women’s Complete:

Happy, healthy life! 💗💗💗

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