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Children’s Museum-Denver 

   Does anyone else get anxiety when thinking about taking your toddler out in public? I know I do. We were stuck in the house yesterday so I decided we HAD to get out of the house today. I’ve been curious about the Children’s Museum  in Denver for a while. So, we packed our backpack with snacks and headed out. 

Once we arrived we were happy to find out that parking was free. A bonus considering it cost a bit for admission. They do offer year long family passes which we are currently considering. Adults also have to pay to enter even though you’re going to be chasing your child around the whole time which I think is a bit much. Maybe $5 would be ok but the prices are absurd if you ask me. 
Once inside my anxiety was lowered because I knew every parent in there expected kids to be kids in this place. I wasn’t going to have to apologize if Khloe screamed or had a toddler tantrum/melt down. The “exhibits” were all well contained which makes it easy to keep track of your child. I was able to sit and relax at times while watching Khloe play, learn and interact with other kids her age. I watched as she shared the balls with others and it made me super proud.

 We we made our rounds to the different areas to play. I think Khloe’s favorite was outside, of course. There are paths, a zip line swing, sand pit, rocks to climb on and several activities that are scheduled at a certain time with the children’s museum staff. 

 We grabbed a snack in the cafe and walked around a little bit more. There are so many different activities that we didn’t get a chance to visit all of them before we had to leave for nap time. 

What I really loved about this place is that the activities are learning activities and are super interactive. I could tell she was absorbing everything and she had an amazing time. I also had a great time. It was nice to be in an atmosphere where everyone knows what to expect from kids. Before we left, though, we grabbed a toy from the gift shop. Be careful, they have the cutest things in there and it will suck you in if you’re anything like me. Small, cute, sparkly and soft….. take my 💰!!!!

Where’s your favorite place to take your children?? Comment below! 

2 thoughts on “Children’s Museum-Denver 

  1. I feel bad because I delayed taking my daughter to the local children’s museum forever because last summer we caught Hand, Foot, and Mouth and it was the worst experience of my life!!!!! Since then I feel like every place for kids is covered in those germs and have been terrified to go and catch it again. I overcame my fear and ended up hosting her second birthday party and we had soooo much fun!

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