Keto Turkey Noodle Soup for your soul 

What do you like to do with left over turkey? I’m not one for left over turkey really but I do like putting it in soup.  We finally got some snow today and I thought soup would be a perfect meal for our cold snowy day.  🍲🌨❄️

My husband got off work early today so I asked him if he could make some Keto friendly noodles. He’s made them in the past for spaghetti and they were great. Tonight he did not disappoint. He got ambitious and made crackers, too.

Husband being amazing in the kitchen

He followed the noodle recipe listed here. The only thing I would add is maybe spray the paper with non-stick spray before putting the noodle dough on it to prevent sticking. We used the flour but it didn’t help.

For my soup I used 1 carton of Pacific bone broth plus water, organic carrots and celery chopped to the size desired and left over turkey. I added Himalayan pink salt and parsley flakes. Once all the vegetables are cooked then add the noodles. They only need to boil for 2 mins and then it’s ready to serve. 


For the crackers, my husband used this recipe. They’re great. I would maybe add some salt sprinkled on top before baking. 

Khloe loved the noodles and broth. She picked at everything else but that’s probably mostly because we were snacking before dinner 🤔🙄. 

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