Fathead Cinnamon Rolls 

Who doesn’t  love cinnamon rolls? If you don’t then stop right here and read no further. Ha ha!!

 I was scrolling through Instagram and found a lady that had said something about Fathead cinnamon rolls. If you aren’t sure what fathead is, see my previous post on pizza. There you’ll find the recipe for fathead dough. It’s a Keto friendly bread substitute. Anyway, moving on…..

Yasss qween

I made mention to my husband that fathead cinnamon rolls were a thing and he looked it up and got to baking. The recipe is here. we didn’t do the drizzle on top but instead made a Keto friendly cream cheese frosting.

Mr. Livingston making frosting while I drool

Guys….. 😍 if you have a cinnamon bun craving then get to baking. These are amazing. Make sure you blend the ingredients well! 


Let’s just say our batch didn’t last too long. Each roll without frosting is a little less than 2 NET carbs per roll. With a half tablespoon of frosting I added 1 net carb which was being generous if hubs calculated correctly. 

This is toddler approved and mess free without frosting. 

I would also like to add that if you put that batch of frosting in the fridge it turns into a crust less cheese cake… you’re welcome. It’s amazing. I sprinkled pumpkin spice on top and had a few spoon fulls…. yeah, it is perfect for those Aunt Flow cravings! 
Happy Eating! 
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