Baked hot wings 

My fave are the drums

Wings!!! We love wings in this house! What we don’t love is the cost of wings from places like Wing Stop. With all the ingredients the cost was under $20. Also, I prefer baked to fried.  My husband wanted to try out homemade baked wings so we headed to Target.  We got 2 bags of the plain frozen chicken wings and the rest of the ingredients for our dinner. 


4 to 5 lbs of fresh chicken wings

1 lrg bottle of Frank’s Red Hot sauce

1 stick of unsalted butter

1 habanero, seeded & quartered (optional)



Ranch/Blue cheese 

We did not add the habañero. This recipe took a little bit of time but he was willing to put in the effort for the outcome. They were amazing. We decided that next time we may leave them in a little longer to make them a little crisp, though. 
The full recipe can be found here. As the side we used traditional celery and carrots. I used ranch dressing and hubby likes blue cheese. I hate blue cheese, barf, gag, no. 

Not many pictures were taken this go around because I fell asleep while he was making them and then as soon as they were done we started eating. I would recommend this recipe. It’s Keto friendly as well, of course! 

We didn’t give Khloe any of the wings because they were too hot. She likes spicy but not like this. 

Do you have a different wing recipe that you like? Share in the comments below! 

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