Keto Pizza and Ice Cream recipe review 

My husband is way better at making Keto friendly food than I am. He enjoys trying out new recipes and making stuff up. I hate being in the kitchen at all, really.  Tonight I asked him to make FatHead pizza. I’ve been having strong carb cravings all week and I’ve not given in yet. I knew this pizza would help squash that craving. 

When he got home he declared he was also going to make Keto ice cream. I’ve been drooling over Pinterest Keto ice cream recipes but just don’t have the patience right now to try them. So, I was excited!!

Fathead pizza is well known in the Keto community. The recipe is right here. It’s also a wordpress blog. This is the one my husband always follows. When I asked him if he had any tips, all he told me was to make sure you knead the dough really well and make individual pizzas to allow the dough to cook properly without being doughy. I do not like doughy.

Husband making his master piece

My husband has recently started making home made marinara sauce and it is AMAZING! This is also Keto friendly. We will never buy marinara in a jar ever again. The recipe is here.  I am not a marinara person but I can eat this stuff in a bowl! 

Make it! Love it! 

We are pretty basic as far as our pizza toppings. I like pepperoni and olives and he just had pepperoni. Cheese too, of course. We use full fat cheese because in the Keto diet you can and honestly the fat content in food is not what’s killing you…. that’s a whole other Oprah though. 

Keto pizza

The ice cream my husband made was chocolate chip peanut butter. GUYS! GUYS!!! I mean….. 😍 you’re going to want to make this ASAP!! If you’ve tried the crap that’s on the market right now… just no. THIS… is what you’ve been waiting for. Here is the recipe.

My husband made homemade chocolate chunks for this, too. The recipe for that is a few blog posts back. It’s the peanut butter cup recipe… just use that chocolate mixture, pour it on parchment paper and put in the freezer for about 10 mins. Once it has hardened, chop it up- add to ice cream mix. 

We do not have an ice cream maker to churn it. So we used our nutribullet. It wasn’t smooth but it didn’t matter. I do want an ice cream maker now ha ha!!!

Friday night pizza and ice cream with no guilt!! 🍕🍦

If you try any of this out then let me know in the comments! Happy cooking! 

This whole meal was toddler friendly. 

Khloe and Keto pizza love

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