Postpartum Mom

Tae-Bo Extreme Workout Review 

I recently quit going to my gym. We moved last Summer and it just wasn’t worth the drive and cost anymore. The one thing I loved about it was that it had child care 😍. Now that I no longer go there I’m stuck trying to work in activity that involves Khloe or sneak it in while she’s napping 😤😩. When it’s nice out, we like to go for walks. 

I’ve always been a Tae-Bo fan. I love the mix of martial arts with cardio. I’ve tried many variations of Tae-Bo copy cats like Cardio Kick or local gym variations but nothing beats the original Tae-Bo. The key to a good, strong Tae-bo workout is technique. If you’re  just throwing uncontrolled arms and hoisting your leg in the air like a wildebeest then you’re going to hurt yourself and not get any enjoyment or results. My advice, before starting a Tae-be themed workout is to make sure your technique is locked in. Here is a Short technique video. Also this Video may help you if your interested.

The creator of Tae-Bo is Billy Blanks and he has his own channel on YouTube with many workouts from beginner to advanced. I encourage you to check it out. They’re fast paced and fun. 

The workout I tried today was a quick 27-30 minute Workout  which includes a warm up and cool down. You’ll need some hand weights. I had 3 pound dumbbells. I would suggest 1-2 pounds for beginners. It may not seem like much but with high repetition, trust me, you’ll be feeling like they’re 20 pounds. This version of Tae-Bo was pretty basic. I think most people could start here as long as you’ve nailed down your technique. You can even drop the weights if you want to. I liked the integration of weights with the cardio. I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Tae-Bo has always had a high focus on abs and core muscle groups which many postpartum mom’s struggle with. I know I do. My core is the least focused on part of my body when I workout. I avoided it after I had Khloe because it hurt so much and if you’re like some moms, diastasis recti  can make it impossible. In fact, many doctors advise against core and ab training until it is healed. Well, I never picked back up after I recovered from having my daughter. It’s time to start!! Having a strong core is important in any fitness journey. BRING ON THE PLANKS! Ugh! Ha ha ha! 

If you’re looking for a short workout with an impact then I would say check out Billy Blanks Tae-Bo channel. He has a wide variety of classes that range in all time lengths including a 8 minute fat burner. Who can’t spare 8 minutes? 

Some day I’ll have guns! Ha ha

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