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Jujube B.F.F. Diaper Bag review 

Hello parents, soon to be parents and curious people! 

Isn’t she pretty? 😍💗

 Today’s #diaperbag #review is the @jujube_intl BFF. The BFF is a small-medium sized diaper bag that features back pack straps, hand strap and shoulder strap for versatility.

The straps are fairly comfortable worn each way. The back pack feature allows you to keep your hands and hips free which juggling little ones and all that comes with having little ones 😅. The parent pocket is a fave feature of most JJB bags as it offers a spot for your keys, phone and wallet so you’re not fumbling through your diaper bag for your mommy stuff.

Parent pocket with key hook, more pockets and cell phone spot.

The 2 side bottle pockets feature thermal insulation to help keep bottles 🍼 or drinks cool or warm. It’s not a thick insulation so if you’re trying to keep milk from spoiling, I would suggest carrying it in something else but a couple hours should be ok here.
Inside main pocket

 Inside the bag is a nice sized space to keep all your little ones necessities. If you are an over packer then I would suggest going up a size to their Be Prepares bag that has a lot more space for other things. I, however, am not an every day use over packer. I carry 2-3 diapers, wipes and snacks. We typically aren’t out of the house more than a few hours at at time. This bag is super durable with teflon fabric which also makes it extremely easy to clean up and wash. As with my other @jujube_intl bags, I use #dawnsoap and baking soda paste and I scrub with a large tooth brush, put it in a pillow case and then wash it in my washer. The BFF is not my favorite jujube bag and I do not use it too often. It’s actually to big for my use for every day. My favorite is their Hobo Be which I will write a review for soon. Let’s talk about this print on my bag! HELLO KITTY! I first saw this bag way before I got pregnant. I love hello kitty if you didn’t already know. This print is called Lucky Stars. Jujube names every print they come out with and they come out with new prints quite regularly. They have a few #hellokitty prints right now but this is still my all time favorite and is also my very first JJB bag I bought. Their prints are really special and you won’t find them on any other bag. Longer review on my blog. @guidanceguide #guidanceguide #mystuffmystory #realreviewsforrealparents #mystuffmystory #guidanceguide #aplaceforparents #officialPGambassador

Find bags here:

Khloe loves Hello Kitty and bags just like momma.

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