Fitness goals, obstacles and comparisons 

Me at the gym today after my workout.

How many of you get discouraged about your weight loss or fitness goals when you see people losing weight WAY FASTER than you? Either they’ve had surgery, a trainer, a nutritionist, sleeve, whichever or maybe none. Maybe they’re just one of the lucky ones that loses weight very quickly. 

I am NOT one of those people. Losing weight has never come easy to me. I would imagine if I had been eating donuts and bonbons prior to my weight loss journey, I may lose a bit faster but I wasn’t. Working out, eating healthy and still not losing weight or losing fast enough is extremely discouraging. Instagram is the king of comparison. There are literally thousands of accounts dedicated to weight loss, before and after pictures, diet pills, “coaches” and people trying to sell a miracle pill or plan. I am guilty of scanning through weight loss photos only to discover someone has lost 90 pounds in 9 months… how? How come I can’t lose that quickly? Maybe I should get weight loss surgery, too? Maybe I’m not trying hard enough? What can I do? I hate myself. These are all thoughts that pass through my mind. Ugh. Comparing your life to others is never a way to happiness and yet here we are doing it time after time. I’m guilty of it over and over again and I’m sure I will be again in the future. I would say it’s natural to compare yourself with others. Is it healthy? The answer is mostly NO. 

My weight loss journey has been a series of trial and error. What works for me and my body’s needs. I have hashomoto’s thyroiditis, Celiacs disease and many other food sensitivities. I’ve had to pay closer attention to my body than any doctor could possibly do for me. You have to be your own advocate. Period. No one else lives in your body except YOU. I remember telling my doctor that I thought I had celiacs disease. Her response was, “most people with that disease are extremely thin”. FALSE! I insisted she test me for it anyway. Two days later the test came back positive. I changed doctors after that. If my doctor is going to make assumptions about me based on my size then I don’t need to continue seeing them. 

Back to my point….

 I have tried many different diets and workout plans. Some have been semi successful. I mean, I am standing at almost 72 pounds lost as of now. My most recent way of eating and exercise plan seems to be the best one for me and the kindest one to my body. I have learned that too much exercise causes my cortisol levels to rise, making it really hard to lose. I’ve had to find a happy medium between what’s too much and not enough. This looks different for EVERYONE. That’s why comparison is never a good thing. I’ve had to learn that certain carbs also make it hard for me to lose weight. That just because you’re within a calorie goal or point limit does NOT mean you’ll lose weight. What you’re eating, within those calories and points are what counts. If I eat 1500 calories worth of crappy processed garbage, it’s not going to help me in any form. 

Learning what works for YOUR body is key to any lifestyle change. You cannot expect to follow a plan and end up like so and so at the gym. You’ll still end up looking like you in the end. Just figure out what makes you the best you that you can be. 

So, here’s to comparing less, advocating for your health more and being the best YOU that you can be. No one else gets to live in that body but you and no one else gets to make those health choices (or not healthy)for you except YOU! You are in charge of what goes in that mouth. 🍎🍉🥑🥒🍠 So, how are you making yourself the best you? Leave me a comment! Happy Monday! 

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