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Maybelline Pumped up Colosal Mascara review 

I love Mascara! I’m always searching for better mascara that adds volume, doesn’t clump too bad, doesn’t flake or smudge and is affordable. It’s pretty hard to get all of those qualities into one Mascara at an affordable price. I’ve been using MAC Zoom fast and although I like it, it sometimes has a tendency to give me panda eyes when I’m at work. Not a cute look 🐼. Unless, of course, you are a panda. 

I bought Maybelline Pump Up Colosal in black. My cousin recommended it and I went out that day to buy it. I recommend looking for a coupon online or in your newspapers because I got this Mascara for $1.85. Not a bad deal for wanting to just try it out. The coupon was for $3 off.

You can also purchase it here Online.

Below are pictures I took without Mascara, with one coat and then with two coats.

Without mascara, with one coat, with 2 coats

I went out with my friend Friday night and we had a few drinks and went dancing a little bit. The mascara stayed in place and didn’t run.  Before writing the review I wanted to try it at work today and it stayed in place without flaking or smudging. I am sold. MAC mascara- $20 Maybelline- $1.85 (with coupon). There’s no question here. I may be saying bye 👋🏽 to my expensive mascara. 

I highly recommend this Mascara!!

 Below is the final look 👀 

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