Mug bread/English Muffin 

My breakfast this morning.

Good morning! It’s cloudy and cold again and the roads are icy. Hooray for Winter 😑.

This morning I was craving bread. Or toast, rather. I didn’t want to blow everything and eat a gluten free toast so I decided I’d make a Low carb English muffin. I’ve tried several and to be honest, nothing tastes like real bread, really. The only way you’re going to get bread tasting bread is by eating real bread or spending a lot of $$$ to get one of those fancy Keto loaves. 

This Recipe seemed to calm my bread craving this morning. It’s quick and easy and if you’ve never tried mug bread/cake/cookies then you need to get on the Google and try it!!!! After it was done in the microwave, I toasted it in my toaster. You’re going to have to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. It’s kind of a delicate little muffin so don’t get busy and forget or you’ll have a very stinky mess. This recipe has a whole egg in it…. have you ever smelled a burnt egg? Yuck 🤢, barf, gag! After it was lightly toasted I smothered it in butter, because I can, and plopped my eggs and bacon on top. Voila!! Low carb breakfast sandwich. 

Byeeeeeee 😼👋🏽

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