Low carb chili 

I’ve never been a huge fan of chili. I think it’s mostly because I don’t like beans all too much and a lot of recipes call for several types of beans all at once, yuck. Also, gas is not fun 💨.

I came across this chili recipe while searching though Pinterest; like I do every week. This recipe has some odd ingredients but I thought I would try it out since it had good ratings. Celery? In chili? What? YES! It is so good. We love it. In fact, we had it for Khloe’s birthday with family in November. Everyone loved it. 

Tonight we paired it with hotdogs. We like to eat these All beef, organic hot dogs.  They’re the only hot dogs I’ll allow in the house. They’re delicious. I had my once vegan friend admit to me that he loves these things. 🙊

I used a yellow bell pepper tonight because I wanted to use it before it went bad. I prefer the red ones bust doesn’t it look pretty chopped up next to the rest of the veggies? 😍

We top ours with cheese (full fat) and Daisy sour cream (full fat). Yep, fat is good and on a Keto diet, it’s necessary. Hooray for fat! 🎉🕺🏻I also like to chop up an avocado and throw that on top as well. Fat fat fat! EAT IT! It’s good for you.

This meal takes less that 45 mins to make and is easy to serve and clean up. Monday night dinner ✅.

Toddler friendly: yes, in a high chair with a bib. She loves it.

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