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Anxiety Girl

Ugh, anxiety, anyone? Pull up a chair and grab yourself a cup of anxiety, I mean coffee ☕️!!  

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for quite some time now. There are days when it’s ok and days when it’s so bad I shake or go full panic attack where I legit think I’m dying and having a heart attack. Fun times 🎉! 

I never realized what it was before I got pregnant.  When I was pregnant I had antenatal depression and anxiety which turned into postpartum depression and anxiety once I had Khloe.  Things were BAD. Very bad. I had never had it this bad before. I remember struggling with some depression when I was younger but thought I mostly had it under control when I went gluten free.  No… no… it came back. 🎉

I want to begin a blog category on my page for PPD and PPA  because I feel like mom’s and their families need to know their not alone. I want husband/partners to know that there is help and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

When I first got pregnant, I didn’t know anything about PPD and certainly had no clue about PPA. I never expected to have to deal with this thief that takes away precious bonding time with your new baby. No one warned me. None of the classes I went to, books I read or people I talked to ever said a word about it. Why? Why didn’t someone tell me that this could happen, that there is a high possibility you can develop PPA and PPD if you are already susceptible to depression and anxiety. Even my midwife didn’t have much information on it. At that time it was 2014. How did I slip through without being informed?? I’m an informed person, I am proactive and would have liked to have been prepared or known what to look for!

Let’s take a step back, if you’ve never experienced postpartum depression or anxiety then you may not even know what I’m talking about. Click here to learn more: PPD and PPA information. If your a mother that never had to deal with this, I’m so glad you didn’t have to deal with this demon. I encourage you to be educated on it, though, so that you can empathize and be there for your friends if they go through this. It’s not fun being alone and quite honestly, it’s dangerous. Reach out! 

There needs to be information given to mothers on their first doctor visit after they find out their pregnant. As well as information for family members and spouses to watch for warning signs of these issues. I recently read an article about a mother suffering in silence with her PPD and she ended up committing suicide. This is preventable to some extent. Starting the conversation. Asking new moms if they’re really ok. Making a point to ask deeper questions and actually be concerned for the well being of the mother. After the baby is born, so much of the attention is directed at the new beautiful baby. If the mother isn’t healthy meantally then baby and family suffer greatly. 

I’m going to write a few posts of my personal experiences in dealing with PPA and PPD over the next year or so. Some topics are not going to be fun but I feel that it needs to be discussed. Mothers do not have to suffer in silence, feel alone or be ashamed. 
🚫If you or someone you know needs help dealing with suicidal thoughts or actions, you’re not alone and there is help.🚫 please click the link below for help. 

Suicide Prevention Hotline and Website

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