Bell pepper nacho- NO! 

I took this picture before my taste buds were assaulted with this terrible recipe.

I have had a few people try a similar recipe recently and they loved it. We did not. 89% of what you see here ended up in the trash 😓. I HATE wasting food. I always imagine some poor starving child in Africa staring at me as I throw food into the trash. Terrible. Hate. It. 
Anyway, if you want to take a gander at this recipe, Skinny pepper nachos, here is the hyperlink. Good luck. If you’ve tried a different one and like it then please leave a comment with the recipe link. I feel like maybe this one was lacking several things… one being taste. Moving on… ha ha! 

We like trying new Keto recipes each week. With this way of eating, you have to keep things new and fresh or you get in a rut and want to cheat and stuff your face with carbs. 🐷🙊 Don’t do it!!! 
If you have any suggestions on what we should try next, please let me know. 

Wish they tasted as good as they looked.

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